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There is only one "Route Rite"® Route Billing Software and this is the Original Route Accounting Software that was developed in 1991 to integrate Customer History, Routing, Billing, Inventory and Accounts Receivable.  Purchase at a one-time price and save money  

“Route Rite”™ Route Billing Software for Windows

Route Rite Software Customer Screen allows viewing of addresses, services and financials

Windows based "Route Rite" Legend Route Billing Software for Desktops and Notebooks, since 1991


First delivered in 1991 by Performance Software Technologies, Inc., for Windows based desktop computers to integrate route accounting software including customer detail and history, routing and scheduling, inventory management, billing and accounts receivable with robust reporting


 “Route Rite”™ Legend is One-Time Purchase Software from $499.00 for single user. Runs in XP compatibility mode, as administrator through Windows 10.  "Route Rite" and "My Billing Buddy" are two independent products

Comes with the original Route Rite Software with installation and training aids.  Live Support available via email for additional charge.

“Route Rite”™ Legend’s customizable setup data allowed it to be used by Pest Control, Lawn Care, Carpet Cleaning, Pool Service, Pooper Scoopers, water delivery, cleaning service, sanitation service. Its data stays on your computer, therefore you are in control. uter, therefore you are in control.

Multiple Services for Multiple Addresses

Each Service has it own Instructions for Completion

Billing Address can have multiple addresses in this Route Billing Software and each address can have multiple services that are scheduled and billed individually or as a group Statement

Service Dates are automatically tracked and put on a route for a truck or manually assigned from the reminder

Completed Services automatically update the customer financials

Clicking each Service expands its details

Customer Service Instructions per service

You may set up Service Routing and Billing Instructions for each Service

Preset the Service to be automatically scheduled on a particular day of the week, and week of the month, by a particular employee, at a particular time.  Even skip months with this Route Billing Software

You may set the billing options to per service or bill monthly, quarterly or annually

You may have automatic Renewal Notices Printed

You may print a one time Service Slip/Invoice or have it printed when you print the batch of Service Slip/Invoices.

Once the service is completed the service slip becomes the paid or Accounts Receivable Invoice and the customers balance is updated automatically

Print Batches of Service Slip/Invoices

There are 12 Options of 8.5 x 11 Service Slip/Invoices

Service Slips have been added, to this Route Billing Software, over the years to accommodate different data in different format on the 12 slips.  2 are designed for data only on Pre Printed forms and others for perforated paper, 2 are paid specialty forms.

Print choices range from printing for all offices, all employees/trucks sorted by truck, with summary of work or without, all for a date range.  Even include jobs that do not have a specific day but are due for service.

Inventory Used and Sold is tracked

Products, Material and Equipment is Managed

Setup your inventory of Products to sell in addition to the service price, Material you use that is priced into the service and equipment that is either.  Even track Hours if you want to be creative and bill for hour as an inventory item

Track Inventory levels and reorder points.  Includes the cost and sales opportunity of inventory with a price

This Route Billing Software produces usage reports, two that are specially formatted for California and New York with the ability to export to Microsoft Excel to edit

Accounts Receivable History

Customers Invoice History

Detail of the Invoice and Transactions for each Customer

See the individual Invoice Aging

See Customers "Cash on Account" (credit balance).  Because maybe your customer pays in advance or overpays

Quickly See open Invoices

Click any Invoice for Details in this billing software

Accounts Receivable Reporting

Customer Detail, Invoices and Payments are among the reported

This route accounting software provides a host of reports for tracking every customer and every sale and every payment made to you and owed to you.

The small business accounting software Prints Statements for individual customers and multiple Addresses.  Transaction Reports give Customer Detail.  

Busy Billing is a software company that specializes in Pest Control, Waste Management, Beverage Service, Sanitation Service and more!

"Route Rite" allows Setup data to be customized

Help mold the "Route Rite" Software to fit you better

 Many Vertical Market Routing Service Businesses can use this Route Billing Software because the data is customizable. It is intense setup but allows the software to work more automatically for you.

A good Setup allows your software to work more automatically for you.  The goal is to come in print your tickets, do your work, verify your work and you are done.

Pest Control, Carpet Cleaning, Beverage Service, cleaning service, sanitations service, Lawn Care, pooper scooper and more.  


You can even send an export file to Intuit's QuickBooks, to marry with the expense side of the business for and easier Profit and Lost Report. Of course the reports print these totals anyway, so that they are easily entered into any other software

PowerPoint Slide Show Demo of "Route Rite" Legend Route Accounting Software

Purchase "Route Rite" route Billing software

Complete the following to Purchase "Route Rite". We will send an Invoice to your Email for purchase at PayPal. Once payment is received, we will send a download email for "Route Rite" with install help and setup instructions, 30 days of Support Email. "Route Rite" is currently $499.00 for unlimited “license to use” and is non-refundable. You will receive 30 calendar days of email setup help and thereafter you may purchase Annual Software Support for ongoing email support. You must include your name, company, email, full address, and which product you are purchasing. "Route Rite" is a separate product from "My Billing Buddy"

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“Route Rite”™ Legend Route Billing Software

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