About Us

Route Service Billing Software for Windows, 1991


“Route Rite”™ has experience dating back to 1991 in route service software.  That’s over 30 years of route service experience. Our products have been enhanced with user ideas over the many years of upgrade on the many Microsoft Windows operating systems. For those looking for the Original “Route Rite”™ Software this is it.

Route Service Invoicing Software for Android, 2016


"My Billing Buddy" was born in 2016, however its origins come from our original "Pen Writer" Apple Newton product in 1995.  Newton was pulled from the market not long after. Android has provided us the platform to combine our decades of route service experience into today's technology

Live Email Support Available


We have many years of experience with previous users installing our products.  We know most of the questions you will ask before you do.  So we documented those things in our support material and training manuals.  For most, this help is plenty.  However, you may purchase multiple levels of email support.  Support is included with My Billing Buddy and extra with Route Rite