"My Billing Buddy" Android Invoicing Software flows from Estimating to Invoicing in your truck

"My Billing Buddy"™ Android Billing Software

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"My Billing Buddy"tm Android Estimating, Scheduling, Mapping, Servicing, Selling, Record Payments, Invoicing

"Route Rite"tm Windows Route Accounting with Customer History, Routing, Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Management Reports

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Estimate and Invoice for Services and Materials from the Truck

Customized Services, Inventory, Notes, Disclaimers and full Setup to make field operation a breeze

Record Payments for Current or Open Invoices for accurate Customer Balance

Customer or Technician Signatures on the Screen, which are transferred to the Invoice or Inspection

Email Invoices and Receipts

Paperless Route Truck and more Efficiency.  Data is stored in your device not in the Cloud so operation can be offline


Email Invoice Signed or Unsigned

Your Customer can sign on your Device Screen and the PDF Invoice or Inspection is Immediately Emailed to your customer and your office

You have backup copies without having to carry paper or receipt books

PDF Invoice Emailed

1 Button Invoice

  1. Invoice is being built from initial estimate with service, product and pricing. Just edit at the job and click Print Slip
  2. A professional 8.5 x 11 Signed or Unsigned PDF Invoice with your company and Logo, is emailed to your customer and a copy to your office for Green Paperless History
  3. Invoice includes your services and products with notes, prices, taxes, payment effect on totals, Time in Time Out and more immediately sent at the Job Site
  4. Builds History of your contacts for future work and improves your Image from Receipt Books
  5. Even print from your truck with a recognized 8.5 x 11 Bluetooth or WIFI Printer

For Busy Billing Invoicing

Integrated with Google Features

Stores Appointments, working, completed and exported, jobs in your Google Calendar.  Even see the main service and product used or scheduled to use.  Load this work from the Calendar or enter new into the software

Schedule one time jobs or re-occurring jobs using Google Calendar features 

View one job in relation to where you are or all stops on a day on the map, select and load work from Google Maps

Get driving directions

Phone the customer ahead or send an "On My Way" Email with you Picture

Load repeat customer information at the touch of one button or software will locate by contact details

The Software exports a .csv file to the office on demand with all the details of completed work and readable in notepad or Microsoft Excel.  Additionally this exported file is stored on your proper Android Device (for backup).  Therefore without paper or receipt books you have more organized backup than ever

If you need to perform Inspections with pictures, labels with findings and  recommendations, the "My Billing Buddy" Software will allow.

Customize Your Setup

Most any Route Service Business Can Use "My Billing Buddy", because of its Customizable Setup

Enter your Office, Calendar, Services, Products, Prices, Service and Product disclaimers and notes, track Geodata or not and more.

Handyman, lawn care, beverage service, cleaning service, pest control, carpet cleaning, sanitation, delivery, pick up, waste removal all can use "My Billing Buddy"

Get all these efficiency benefits for for less than the Price of a Lunch Per Month

For a limited time, Subscribe to this Software for as low as $9.99 per month, per truck, paid annually in advance and is non refundable

Once Ordered, You will receive the "My Billing Buddy" APK Software (zipped), Training Manual PDF and access to Support Questions & Answers via Email.  You may purchase via Pay Pal Button below or contact us

You must have Android Device with Originally installed Google Applications and at least Android Version 6

View your Jobs in your Google Calendar

Integrated with your Google Calendar

View your Appointments with services and products needed.  View your Active working job and view your completed work with key services and products used in your Google Calendar

Even view if the job details have been exported to your office in the .csv file, which is your 3rd level of backup of your work without using paper.  You have a copy of the invoice which was automatically emailed to your office as the customer gets theirs, the transaction file is sent to your office, and is also still in your device until you delete.  Plenty of backup with the waste and cost of paper receipt books

Load work into My Billing Buddy from work that was scheduled in the software

Use the re-occurring scheduling of the Google calendar to allow "My Billing Buddy" to facilitate repeat work

If you have multiple trucks follow the progress of each by looking at their Google Calendar

Add Customer History with MBB “Desk View”

My Billing Buddy Android Invoicing Software add-on SQL Database

Though your Android Device stores your Customer History, by adding this SQL App you can View and Sort Your Customers History and Transactions in Your Office

 View and sort all your "My Billing Buddy"™ Android Invoicing Software customer Transactions on your Desktop Computer


It converts your "My Billing Buddy"™ Android Invoicing Software files, from all your Android Devices, to your Microsoft SQL Database and displays them on your Windows Computer 

My Billing Buddy Android Invoicing Software add-on SQL Database

Analyze Your Customers and Transactions


  • · View all the downloaded Customer Job Transaction Files in your SQL Database on your Windows  Computer. 
  • Sort Jobs in Many ways including Customer Number, Customer Name, Company, Date of Service, Services Performed, Products sold or Materials used and Payment Types  
  • · Need to see every address you used a particular Hazardous Material or best selling Product
  • · View the History of any Customer along with all transactions   
  • · See what customer still owes you money (based on downloads). You can also see this on "My Billing Buddy"™ Android Invoicing Software on your device, however this is an effective way to overview your customers at your office.
  • · Makes for a great call list to hunt for repeat business from customers you have not seen for awhile

My Billing Buddy Android Invoicing Software add-on SQL Database

Add-On to Your "My Billing Buddy" Android Invoicing Software”


For a Limited time, “Pay a One Time $49.95 “Unlimited License to Use” to add this software no matter how many Devices that use "My Billing Buddy"™ Android Invoicing Software”

Make sure to Indicate that you want to add the "Add-on MBB "Desk View" App for an additional $49.95 in your purchase below otherwise it will be left out

 You must have the (free) version of Microsoft SQL Server Express Installed on your Microsoft Windows Desktop Computer and have My Billing Buddy Android Invoicing Software to use this software 

Ready to Purchase "My billing Buddy" Software

Complete the following to Purchase "My Billing Buddy". We will send an Invoice to your Email for purchase at PayPal. Once payment is received, we will send a download email for "My Billing Buddy" with APK, Instruction Manual and Support Email. "My Billing Buddy" is currently (for a limited time) $119.88 for 12 months usage per device (you may purchase as many annual plans as you would like for as many years as you would like at this reduced price) and is non refundable. Renewal is not automatic, so not to worry, you can renew each year. You must include you name, company, email, full address, and which product you are purchasing.

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"My Billing Buddy" Android Invoicing Software

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